Apartments and Condos

Apartments and Condos

Every property manager is looking for their building to be at maximum occupancy at all times. From housekeeping to air care and drain maintenance, State offers a wide variety of products designed to keep your building operating efficiently and keep tenants pleased.


The first impression a future tenant gets when they walk through the door of an apartment or condominium complex is the most important. It sets the tone for their entire tour and hopefully leads to them becoming a full time resident. It’s in everyone’s best interest that the apartment or condominium look and smell its best to make a long-lasting impression on the future tenant while keeping current residents excited to live in the building. State offers multiple products and programs that help enhance the air quality of lobbies and common areas, maintain free-flowing stack drains and keep carpets and hard surfaces blemish-free.

Emergency situations arise in every building, especially those where people live. The maintenance teams in apartment and condominium complexes often encounter these situations and it requires a specialty product to solve the problem. When that happens, the maintenance team is looking for a product they trust and has a reputation of getting the job done. State has solutions for leaky pipes, holes that need patched, and more that allow any maintenance team to address emergency issues quickly.

Simply put, the products offered by State will make troublesome unit turns and costly emergency quick-fixes a thing of the past.


Customized Solutions

Programs tailored to high-rise, garden style or townhome complexes


Professional Service

Local Account Managers work directly with your maintenance team


Proven Results

Over 2,500 apartment and condominium customers trust State

Product Showcase
The State® Fragrance Cube™ uses cold air diffusion technology to eliminate malodors while freshening spaces.
Product Showcase
State’s carpet products quickly remove tough stains, destroy odors and leave behind a pleasant scent.


Air Care
Air Care

Eliminate malodors and create a memorable atmosphere in medium to large spaces

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Drain Maintenance
Drain Maintenance

Target biological and inorganic matter to maintain free-flowing stack drains

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Remove accumulations of scale form grout and shower heads

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Facility Maintenance
Facility Maintenance

Fix leaky pipes instantly saving you time and money

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Flawless floors show your residents you care about the details

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We have used State since 2007 for drain and sewer treatment as well as services relating to maintenance, housekeeping and odor control/enhancement. They have been a great asset to our operations and become a real partner over the years. The products work exceptionally well and their service is unmatched.

Mike Cahill, Operations Manager Key Bank, Columbus, OH

State has an extensive and effective drain care line, especially Drain Rocket™, Scram® and Sludge Hammer™.

Ernest Montelone, Facilities Manager St. Albans Veterans Hospital

State has been servicing the Autoliv facility for approximately five years and has helped solve several issues regarding water quality.

Emilio Massanisso, Senior Maintenance Supervisor, CMA CPA

I have had more success with the State dilution system and products than any other in the industry. I love the touchless, spill-free system. It provides my staff with a safe, economical and easy way to both carry and change each product

Chris Lonis Anglophone School District South

State goes above and beyond to provide quality, government-approved water treatment, aerosol lubricants and cleaning products. The company follows up after every sale to ensure that the products are performing as expected and that we are satisfied with the result. State even helps us manage our product inventory, ensuring we do not run out of the items we need.

Jan VanderHout, President Beverly Greenhouses

It’s always a pleasure doing business with our State account manager. She is very helpful. We have been very pleased with the products ordered. She has also been great at providing recommendations for other products as well. Overall, I’m very pleased to continue doing business with her.

Eric Gonzales, Warehouse Manager

Over the years, our local State account manager has reduced our chemical costs and improved the operational effectiveness of our systems.

Emilio Massanisso, Senior Maintenance Supervisor, CMA CPA

Our State Industrial account manager has always done an outstanding job of keeping our dispensing systems in working order and well stocked. She always goes over new product lines and recommends chemicals that aid our daily shop operations. She is a very pleasant person to deal with, always professional and has a friendly, outgoing attitude.

Rick Gee, Fleet Services Manager City of San Marcos

Shark™, D-stroy®, Shut Your Trap™ and Floor Wizard™ EZ Guard are just a few of my favorite problem-solving specialty products. They are like nothing else I've seen in my career! I strongly recommend State for anyone with cleaning needs!

Chris Lonis Anglophone School District South

The One Solution™ system is an innovative one-stop-shop for our housekeeping cleaning products. Its ability to adjust and regulate the dilution process makes for a safe, efficient and economical method when filling bottles and mop buckets. It eliminates all guesswork when mixing State products with water.

Jay Verneris, Maintenance Director Clearwater at Riverpark

Colasanti Farms has been working with State for over a decade now. They have been assisting us with boiler and sewage line treatments. Between their chemicals and the expertise guidance from our account manager, we have had a successful outcome.

Anton Dijkhuizen, Maintenance Supervisor Colasanti Farms Ltd

Our local State account manager is always available to answer questions or provide support when contacted, whether it requires a visit, bringing in other State experts or providing suggestions to assist in solving an issue.

Emilio Massanisso, Senior Maintenance Supervisor, CMA CPA

I have been a customer of State since 2016. The company, products and employees are amazing! State as a whole makes you feel like you are a priority. I would recommend State for all your cleaning needs.

Crystal Garcia

Our local account manager takes her time in getting to know the work environment as well as the folks she deals with so she can best understand our needs. She is honest in her recommendations, has outstanding product knowledge and stands by what she sales.

Rick Gee, Fleet Services Manager

We tried the Fragrance Cube™ for a month in March 2018 and it worked very well. The guests commented on the sweet and fresh smell in the lobby, which is right beside the pool. It keeps that area smelling fresh at all times and the staff and guests appreciate it. We decided to keep the Cube and remain very happy.

Dany Gendron, Contremaître, Installations Récréatives

I work in a smoke-friendly building and have recently tried the Fragrance Cube™. We were surprised how the smell in the air changed in a short amount of time. When you walk into the building you instantly smell a very pleasant and clean fragrance. I would highly recommend this product

Darlene Polchie

We have been using BT-128™ condensate and oxygen scavenger to treat our boilers. For line treatment, we have been using BWT-S and the outcome for both has been very successful. For cleaning bearing and tractor parts, we have been using Current Issue parts washing fluid with satisfying results.

Anton Dijkhuizen, Maintenance Supervisor Colasanti Farms Ltd

While working at The Residences of Maple Leaf Square, State has assisted many owners and the property management group with great degreaser products. Grease-B-Gone®, has help suites and the common property with backups in the kitchen stacks and sanitary lines between scheduled stack cleanings. This product, which can be applied by the on-site staff, is safe, easy-to-use and has eliminated costly plumbing bills.

Laurent Trembley, General Manager Del Property Management

I love Gel Genie™. It’s amazing. We apply it to everything and it always neutralizes the smell.

Dewayne, Maintenance Tech Top Golf Course

State and our local State account manager have been instrumental in managing and improving the water quality of our boiler system to improve reliability. One of the most invaluable services has been our account manager’s eagerness to teach our group about water quality management to help us help ourselves. He has been a true partner in this regard.

Emilio Massanisso, Senior Maintenance Supervisor, CMA CPA

We are loving the Fragrance Cubes™ in the leasing office and gyms! Our office smells amazing! Thank you for everything!

Megan Billiot, Community Manager, Dolce Living Twin Creeks Apartments

We have been using State for our cooling tower and switched our cleaning chemicals to the One Solution™ dispenser. We are very pleased with the ease of use, the product quality and the savings!

Evaline Vigiletti, Operations Director Fraser Hockeyland

I have recommended State to other departments within the city as well as other agencies in the area. This is something I do not normally do for vendors and should say something about how much I appreciate both State and our local representative. I look forward to many more years of working with State.

Rick Gee, Fleet Services Manager

We have used Concrete Companion® from State for two years now. We use it on our concrete floors and along the walls to eliminate cracks that could provide spaces for insect harborage and cause potential safety issues. This is critical to food safety and helps us ensure a safe, ready-to-eat product.

Ed Wilson, Maintenance Supervisor GE Barbours Inc.

I’ve been using State for the last four years to treat our lift stations in the hospital. They’ve provided us with great and timely service that has helped us reduce the odors and oil buildup in our pits

Mark Blessing Grant Medical Center

Scentastic™ is Fantastic.

Thomas Farrell, District Manager Hauppauge Fire Department

I have used D-Stroy® and Po2wer™ numerous times in my carpet business with fantastic results. I couldn't be happier with those products and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to take their service to the next level. My customers are always very pleased to.

Mike English, Owner of High Performance Cleaning Services Cincinnati, OH

I have been using State for some time now. We have tried other products but keep coming back to State. Their products work!

Sam Watson, Executive Chef Holiday Inn

State has been a great addition to our company’s approved vendors. They have brought a wide range of efficient products that have improved the quality level and budget of our company. I’d recommend State to any company.

Jay Guzman, Operational Manager KCS

We recently purchased and installed a Fragrance Central™ for our air conditioning system. The program has been in place for approximately four months and has exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend this program for any hotel or establishment that wants to enhance customer satisfaction.

Hotel Director of Operations

I have witnessed the benefits State brings to our hospital’s commercial kitchen drains firsthand. The service they provide is efficient, concise and reliable. I have also witnessed the efficacy of their Grease-B-Gone® product on our grease traps. I would recommend State to anyone in need of drain treatment of any kind.

Facility Director

Our Town Center is an older building and gets a little musty. The Fragrance Cube™ freshens the space and filters all the way through our two-story atrium.

Purchasing Manager

PEN® has been great in removing rust and keeping the machines well lubricated. It works better than any other penetrating oil I've used. Some of our machines are buried in mud and become rusted together. PEN® has the ability to penetrate the buildup and loosen the parts, allowing me to restore, repair and reassemble the tractors. It has definitely saved me time in disassembling pieces. It's a great product.

Shop Foreman, Construction And Maintenance

The perception is that if a hotel room doesn't smell good, then it isn't clean. The sense of smell is part of the customer's first impression. The Fragrance Factories® in the hallways and restrooms are extremely successful. There has been a 10% increase in customer satisfaction in terms of room odor and cleanliness since using the Fragrance Factory systems.

Hotel General Manager

We have been a State customer since 2003. We use Fragrance Factories®, D-Stroy® and a number of other products to keep our restrooms clean and smelling great. We love the great service that our account manager provides us.

Operations Manager

Our State account manager is always there for us when we need him. I like the fact that he takes care of everything. He even supplies and replaces the batteries in the Fragrance Factories®. Our bathrooms always look and smell great thanks to State.


“I just want to say that State has been a great vendor for [medical examiner’s office]. State provides for us with hand sanitizer as well as restroom and shower fragrance dispensers. Thank you for your maintenance and continuous support for our facility.

Administrative Building Manager

It can be a challenge for a hotel's housekeeping staff to keep guestrooms clean and odor-free, especially if smoking is allowed in the rooms. Our State account manager has a secret weapon - it's called Foam Force™. We have been using it for nearly two years and it is just terrific. All we have to do is spray it on the carpet. You don't have to vacuum and it works almost instantly.

Hotel Manager

We have been using State solutions for over a year and they have been fantastic. State provides us with their One Solution™ dilution system for all of our housekeeping needs as well as their air freshening Fragrance Factories®, which keep our restrooms smelling fresh and clean.

Property Manager

We decided to do business with State because of the added benefits that came with doing business with them. Their products work great and they are very cost effective as well.

Property Manager

The best part about doing business with State is that our account manager conducts bi-monthly service visits in which he services and maintains the equipment as well as our inventory. He even changes out the Fragrance Paks in the Fragrance Factories® for us. Such great service! We look forward to doing business with State for years to come.

Property Manager

I presented my problem to our State account manager and she immediately put a game plan into action. She introduced the Fragrance Cube™, which we sampled for a few days to test the efficacy before committing. Needless to say, my supervisor, team and residents all fell in love! So much so that we ordered two additional units and love the Citrus Green Tea scent. This is an A+ option!

Community Director

I had a sealed bottle containing a hardball sized clump of grease removed from a kitchen stack. When we poured Grease-B-Gone into the bottle, the clump was reduced to sludge in less than 15 minutes.

Property Management Senior Regional Manager

We implemented a Grease-B-Gone® program in August 2017 and I evaluated the success at the end of March 2018. In that time, I was able to reduce the expense of cleaning kitchen stacks by 94.5%. When I add in the cost of Grease-B-Gone for that 6-month period, the savings were 56% over the previous year’s actual expense. Annualized that is a cost savings of over $20,000 for the Corporation.

Property Management Senior Regional Manager

Since starting the Grease-B-Gone® program, the superintendent has not received any late night calls for sink over flows and residents have not come home to dirty sludge on their kitchen floor.

Property Management Senior Regional Manager

I fully endorse Grease-B-Gone® as a cost-effective alternative to annual power flushing of kitchen stacks. I am happy to share my experience and discuss my implementation with any prospective client of State.

Property Management Senior Regional Manager

I have been using State for a few years now and am very pleased with the service as well as the product performance. I love the disinfectant line. Since I have switched to State, I have seen less sickness in employees and residents.

Facility Director

I have been using State air care products in my insurance office for over a year now. The quality of service from our account manager and her team is amazing. They come in and service my account regularly, offer me different options and keep my business smelling great. I often have customers and members of my team comment on how awesome it smells in my building. I would recommend State to any business owner and give them a ten star rating!

Insurance Agent

I use Pile Driver® on a regular basis to take stains out in-between shampooing. It has literally saved us from having to replace a lot of carpets.

Maintenance Superintendent

A decent carpet maintenance plan that uses a carpet extraction machine and State carpet care products, keeps carpets looking like-new in this 40-unit apartment complex.

Maintenance Superintendent

Pile Driver® has really extended the life of the carpets.

Maintenance Superintendent

The [New Jersey area] Board of Education has been using State products for several years, but we wanted to try another product with another company and decided to switch for one year. We went back to State and have been with them ever since because they make strong products.

Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds

Since switching to State’s One Solution™ system, we have reduced our spending on cleaning chemicals significantly. The system is easy for my employees to use and the products are very effective. We have even received a number of positive comments from our renters about the switch to green products.

Maintenance Manager

As a General Manager for three independent hotels, it is very important for me to have access to my supplier. My relations with State is excellent.

General Manager

For the past year, State has provided our facility with a drain care maintenance program. The constant application of Grease-B-Gone® has reduced plumbing and kitchen stack cleaning costs.

Condominium Manager

Our residents appreciate the proactive approach of treating their drain lines. Grease-B-Gone® effectively eliminates fats, oils and grease (FOG), and has a nice citrus scent. Slow-running drains are quickly restored. Therefore, phone calls to plumbers are negligible, especially on weekends. Consequently, our superintendent has more time for other projects.

Condominium Manager

At the present time, because of our Grease-B-Gone® program we are delaying our regular kitchen stack cleaning and saving thousands of dollars. We have just signed for our second year of treatment and are confident in recommending the performance of Grease-B-Gone®.

Condominium Manager

State has provided our Restaurant Group outstanding service and products since we have been established.

John Ruetz 400 Beach Seafood & Tap

There used to be buildup on the dining room floors around the door mats and booths that I couldn’t get rid of with other cleaners. Even using a deck brush proved useless. Scentastic™ was able to eat right through those spots with just my mop and a little pressure. Avance™ Kitchen Kleen cut through three years of grease buildup on one of the kitchen walls in one use – another issue I tried to eliminate multiple times prior without success. I couldn’t be happier with the way my restaurant shines now.

Marc St. John Barry’s Bagels

Our State account manager has done a great job. He’s always on time and comes right over when I call.

Maria Romo CiCi’s Decatur

Commonwealth Senior Living has had a partnership with State since 2014. Our experience has been exceptional in all areas. This includes products, services, response times and the addition of new communities. The operational teams are proactive and truly concerned about our success. We look forward to partnering with State now and in the future.

Bob Raymond, Vice President Procurement & Dining Services Commonwealth Senior Living

We are always updated on the new chemicals and merchandise available to our business.

Andrew Curren The Kelly’s half shell family

State is always prompt on our service calls and provides quality assistance on all our equipment and requirements. Overall, we are highly satisfied and have recommended State to other companies.

Andrew Curren

The service and attention that we receive from our representative combined with the quality and effectiveness of the products makes using State Chemical an easy choice.

George Rister, Director of Operations La Playa Mexican Café

State has provided our restaurant, Lenny’s Restaurant Home of the Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training, Clearwater, Florida, with excellent dish service and ware-washing products for over 35 years.

Dan Farrell Lenny’s Restaurant Home of the Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training

State has become a valuable part of our facility. When we brought them on board they made sure it was hassle-free. The change from our previous supplier to State was very calm and our department did not miss a beat.

Thomas Bright, Director of Dietary Services Mount Alverna Care Center

State’s technicians and customer service representatives never disappoint and show how customers are truly valued. They are very knowledgeable and care about what they do.

Thomas Bright, Director of Dietary Services Mount Alverna Care Center

State has been an integral part of my business.

Richard Pannullo, Owner Pannullo’s Italian Restaurant

I’ve had the pleasure of working with State for five years. Throughout that time, they have consistently maintained adequate stock levels, performed routine maintenance on our equipment and responded immediately to any service calls or emergency needs. I truly couldn’t ask for a better partner in such a critical area of our business.

Brad Smith, Area General Manager Quaker Steak & Lube

I can’t even begin to express how great of a company this is. From excellent customer service to the fantastic products, this company is top-notch.

Kim Young, Purchasing Manager Winstar World Casino Hotel

I have compared State to other big name chemical companies, and no other company comes close to exceeding or even matching their service and products. If we run short on product, have mechanical issues or need recommendations on products, these guys are all over it.

Kim Young, Purchasing Manager Winstar World Casino Hotel

This is the kind of service that we provide to our guests and it is always nice to find a vendor that gives the same level of service to us.

Hotel Manager